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Ribbon Synapses Seminar Series 2021

Previous Seminars

Video recordings of previous seminars are available here if the speakers agreed to online publication. You will be able to access them by signing in with the username and password which you received upon registration. If lost your password, please contact jneef@gwdg.de, but please consider that it will take a while to send a new password.

Unless noted otherwise, automatically generated captions can be switched on from the menu. If you would like to help correcting the less-than-perfect captions, please contact jneef@gwdg.de.

Please keep in mind that the recordings are for your own use only - please do not re-distribute. Thank you!

Session one - March 25th, 2021

Tobias Moser, 'Mechanisms of sound intensity encoding: what heterogeneous afferent synapses and neurons are good for'. No recording available.

Katja Bleckmann, 'Behavioral, physiological, and anatomical assessment of the hearing performance in Bl/6.CAST mice missing the glutathione peroxidase 1' (short talk). No recording available.

Ruth Anne Eatock, 'Seeking balance: Quantal and non-quantal transmission from vestibular hair cells to afferents'.

Session two - April 15th, 2021

Musical prelude by Mike Weis, Q&A session with the musician.
No captions are available for this recording.

Fred Rieke, 'Synaptic nonlinearities and the coding of natural visual inputs'.

Jeffrey N. Savas, 'Cochlear Proteostasis in Noise Induced Hearing Disorders' (short talk).

M. Charles Liberman, 'Cochlear synaptopathy in noise-induced and age-related hearing loss'.

Session three - April 28th, 2021

Musical prelude by Kingston Hythe, Q&A session with the musician.
No captions are available for this recording.

Elisabeth Glowatzki, 'Resolution of subcomponents of synaptic release from postsynaptic currents at inner hair cell ribbon synapses'.
No captions are currently available for this recording.

Brikha R. Shrestha, 'Molecular basis of spiral ganglion neuron diversity: a developing story' (short talk). No recording available.

Daniel Kerschensteiner, 'Local input processing and dual transmitter release of retinal interneuron dendrites'.
No captions are currently available for this recording.

Session four - May 12th, 2021

Thomas Coate, 'Mechanisms of SGN wiring and firing during ribbon synapse development'.

Angela Ballesteros, 'Exploring the Functional Implications of the Structural Relationship Between TMC1 and TMEM16 proteins' (short talk).

Maria (Lania) E. Rubio, 'Molecular Structure of Auditory Nerve Synapses in the Normal Hearing and in the Hearing Impaired'.

Session five - May 27th, 2021

Musical prelude by Trio Gaia, Q&A session with the musicians.
No captions are available for this recording.

Henrique von Gersdorff, 'Quantal size and quantal content at a ribbon synapse'.

Qiuxiang Zhang, 'Visualizing hair cell spontaneous activity in zebrafish during ribbon synapse formation' (short talk).

Anna Lysakowski, 'Mitochondria in the service of hair cells'.

Session six - June 9th, 2021

Maria Eugenia Gomez-Casati, 'The Role of the Medial Olivocochlear System in Noise-induced and Age-related Cochlear Synaptopathy'.

Lingchao Ji, 'Inner hair cell synapse number influences auditory processing' (short talk).

Shigeki Watanabe, 'Spatial and temporal control of synaptic transmission'.

Session seven - June 24th, 2021

Musical prelude by Doug Bistrow, Q&A session with the musician.
No captions are available for this recording.

Fujun Luo, 'Neurexins orchestrate active zone signalings at central synapses'.

Julia Wittgenstein, ''A different perspective on Bassoon mutant mice: Divergent phenotypes challenge established Bassoon functions' (short talk).

Steven H. DeVries, 'Design of the mammalian cone photoreceptor synapse'.

Session eight - July 7th, 2021

Régis Nouvian, 'Mouse model of the human progressive hearing loss DFNA25'.

Norbert Babai, 'Cav3.2 T-type calcium channels modulate function in mammalian cone photoreceptors' (short talk).

Katie Kindt, 'Design of the mammalian cone photoreceptor synapse'.

Session nine - July 22nd, 2021

Peter Lukasiewicz, 'EAAT5 glutamate transporter function in the vertebrate retina'.

Greg Perrin, 'Gain control at retinal bipolar cell synapses' (short talk).

Richard H. Kramer, 'Reversing physiological remodeling of the retina to rescue vision in degenerative blindness'.